Ear training is what separates good musicians from excellent musicians

WAM is now offering Ear Training Classes and Courses

In order to accomodate different pockets and levels there are 3 options. Please be in touch to discuss which is best suited to you.

Classes will be taught by Ana Strugar who has several years experience in Ear Training. Her focus will be on developing the "Inner Ear", a vital aspect for anyone who wants to pursue music on a proffesional level.

1 on 1 classes - Cost R230

Group Classes - 3 students per Class Cost R100

Intensive once a month Workshops - Cost R150

Specific focus will be on the following:

Intonating isolated intervals, chords and notes

Rhythm practice

Writing dictations of single melodies, as well as harmonized ones (entails identifying the chord progression at the same time as the melody above it)

Sight reading