WAM is excited to launch our Electronic Music PROGRAM 

Introduction to Production (Ableton Live)

Our four week course will give you a basic

understanding of the whole production process:
From idea creation to a finished composition. Our goal is to ensure that we equip you with the necessary skills and abilities to express yourself musically and fluently, whilst also gaining an in-depth insight into Ableton as a tool for music creation.


Week 1

Lesson 1: Creating a Beat / Drum ProgrammingLesson 2: Synthesis Part 1: Bass Design


Week 2

Lesson 3: Synthesis Part 2: Pads, Leads, Stabs and Melody

Lesson 4: Vocals, Texture and Creative Sampling


Week 3

Lesson 5: Structure & Arrangement

Lesson 6: Creative Transitioning


Week 4

Lesson 7: Introduction to Mixing

Lesson 8: Introduction to Master